„Polish 50+ Consumer” Syndicate report 2017

The 50+ group is the fastest-growing age group (as a consequence of the strongest trend of the 21st century, namely the aging of societies), one that marketers appreciate the least. Marketers’ favourite consumer group (20-40-year-olds) is shrinking, whereas the present-day 50+ consumers are healthier, stay fit longer, are wealthier, more active and younger in spirit than the generation of their parents was at the same age. Their purchasing power is significant and stable!

More than a decade ago we decided that it was time to start recognizing the purchasing potential of this “older” group and think about adapting company services, products and communication to the expectations and needs of 50+ consumers. In 2007, we conducted the first quantitative and qualitative study dedicated exclusively to Poles over 50 years of age.

In 2016, we developed a new, third in turn, "Syndicate Report on the Polish 50+ Consumer", in which we presented the full profile of 50+ consumers, including the changes we observed in this group over the last decade.

The psychographic segmentation has led to identification of 6 consumer segments:

  • Polish Baby Boomers
  • Caregivers
  • Vital Materialists
  • Active Traditionalists
  • Resigned Old Ladies
  • Aspiring Egocentrics.

The report provides comprehensive information on the 50+ target group, including:

  • wide-ranging social and economic information and consumer trends concerning the methods of communication with this group
  • general characteristics of the 50+ group divided in two age ranges: “The Mature” aged 50-65 and the “Seniors” above 65
  • characteristics of the 6 identified psychographic segments in terms of: demographics, psychographics, lifestyles as well as consumer attitudes and behaviours
  • 6 short reportage films lasting several minutes each, presenting key characteristics of different segments.

If you want to know more, you can download:

Infographics illustrating the selected data

If you are interested in the report, please contact:

Anna Kotkowska
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