„Better Us! Good Life Trends Portfolio 4P/2018”

Stress, noise, irregular sleep, problems with moods and internal balance, constant need for stimulation on the one hand and an excess of stimuli on the other hand – these are, as confirmed by the research, increasingly frequent concerns of the people around the world.

In response to the above, new trends and fashions pop up, focusing on finding peace, equilibrium and support for the body and mind. Consumers all over the world are tired of perfectionism and look for a more empathic communication on what a ‘good life’, ‘good body’, or ‘mature age’ mean today.

“Better Us! Good Life Trends Portfolio” provides information on various trends and paths currently pursued by consumers in the search for wellbeing. In the report, we describe the most inspiring and viable trends in the area of a broadly understood wellbeing. We present 10 trends (32 sub-trends), their diagnosis, potential, and manifestations both in Poland and in more advanced countries.

The desk research report has been complemented with a quantitative study conducted in January 2018 among Poles aged 18-70 years; the latter study allowed us to quantify certain attitudes and behaviours illustrating relevant trends among Polish consumers.

What will you find in the report?

  • information on various trends and paths currently pursued by consumers in the search for wellbeing
  • assessment of the marketing potential of various trends and the image of what the new wellbeing really means today
  • full access to the quantitative research results

If you wish to know more, you can download the following:

Infographics illustrating the selected data
Fragment of the report (full description of one trend)
Table of contents of the entire report

If you are interested in the report, please contact:

Anna Kotkowska
gsm: +48 500 166 893
@: anna.kotkowska[at]grupa4p.pl