„Family, ah, family… Family Trends Portfolio 4P/2018”.

It is time to take a fresh look at the family!

Everyone knows that family is important. Its rank in the hierarchy of values remains high, we treasure and cherish family relations as never before. The only difference is that more and more families today are “somewhat different”! There are formal and informal relationships, complete and incomplete families, heterosexual and homosexual, reconstructed, multigenerational and single-parent families. Family members perform both traditional and entirely new roles.

Our syndicate report tells how families have changed and how those changes can be utilized in the marketing context.

We have collected current statistics and demographic data on contemporary Polish families, describing 18 trends in family life – trends that change the face of every family.

What does the report provide?

  • up-to-date knowledge on the changing Polish family – key data in a nutshell
  • information on trends which change the face of the Polish family: characteristics of 18 different trends
  • inspiration for marketing activities: examples of how various Polish and global brands used the trends on the product/service level, in communication, and for selecting their target group.

If you are interested in further details, you can download:

Infographics illustrating the selected data
Fragment of the report (description of one trend)
Table of contents of the full report.

Customers about the report:

"Family, Ah, Family Report… Family Trends Portfolio> prepared by 4P not only is an example of a thorough look into our social reality in the context of global trends, but also of a patient gathering of sources and examples. Therefore, even those marketing specialists who think they already know everything about Polish families will quickly find out this conviction is just an ungrounded belief – they will find something new in the report. For those who have not been following trends lately, the report is a must-read."

Darek Kubuj, co-owner and chief strategist at a marketing consulting company Kubuj Strategia.

If you are interested in the report, please contact:

Anna Kotkowska
gsm: +48 500 166 893
@: anna.kotkowska[at]grupa4p.pl